Which Blue Bag Would You Keep?


Which Should I Keep?

  1. Begeren Moorea

  2. Tano Sex Bomb

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I definitely DON'T need two blue bags. Any thoughts on these two little ladies? They're both so nice - in their own way....but I need to part with one....
    BegerenBlue.jpg TanoSexBombBlue.jpg
  2. I vote for the sex bomb for 2 reasons: 1. Tano expert says Tano is not going to be making them anymore and members of tPF seem to love them. 2. Although Bergeren is adorable, it MUST be hand carried whereas sex bomb looks like it could go on shoulder. Good luck!
  3. I love the shade of blue of the tano bag.
  4. I like the Tano.
  5. Yeah, I know. I agree on the shoulder style too. I guess the color just seemed a little different in person that what I was expecting. Maybe I'm just not into blue? Nah - that's not true. I love blue. Humph...

    Isn't that sad that they're discontinuing the style?? I'm so surprised - it's sooo popular. At first I thought I'd just send it back and get the papaya orange instead. I think I might do that - although I already listed it (foolishly) but here are more pics for more confusion!!!!:confused1:
    MeBegeren.jpg MeTano.jpg
  6. That blue is gorgeous. I'd keep it!
  7. Def. the Tano - the Begeren is cute but seems less practical to carry. I am totally a shoulder bag girl though, so I guess I am biased...
  8. Ooops, I didn't clarify which bag I was talking about. I like the Tano!
  9. Well from the pictures - I think the SexBomb would suit you better... the Moorea looks tight around your arm... or maybe you are just holding it in an awkward position because you are taking a picture at the same time. But the Tano has a richer colour! I think the style suits you better!
  10. That Tano is gorgeous!
  11. I was going to say "Tano' because it can be carried on a shoulder, but Begeren's shape is so unique!
    Vote for Begeren.
  12. Love the color of the first bag and the shape of the second- sorry I'm not much help!
  13. I like the Tano - but I also think you should get the sex bomb crunch in papaya too....so maybe if you get the papaya in the crunch, you can keep the Bergeren!
  14. I prefer the Tano.
  15. HAHAHA!!! MIND READER!!!!:yahoo: