Which BLUE bag do you like?

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  1. Kale Palmer in Peacock


    Ananas Tessa in Royal Blue


    Hand Maid by Michelle Frantz Greta in Blue


    Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Royal


    i know they're all quite different in style (and shades of blue) but i'd still like opinions on them. :p

    if anyone has any of these bags could you please tell me more about the leather/quality of them?

    thanks a bunch!! :love:
  2. Wow that Kale Palmer color really stands out... but i've been dying to get a Rebecca Minkoff bag... so one vote for the RM bag keke... :nuts:
  3. I have the Kale Tate and the leather is yummy! I like the first, or the Rebecca Minkoff. But I do like the Michelle Frantz (3rd one) as well-certainly with the 50% off price tag!!!:wlae:
  4. I love that Kale Palmer. Great color and shape.
  5. argh, why can't i be rich and just get them all? lol, j/k. even if i was rich i don't think i would want 4 bags all in diff shades of blue, hehe.

    it's such a struggle cuz i'm not exactly sure what the RM royal looks like IRL. i have read that under diff lighting it could actually be very BRIGHT?

    RM morning after bag was one of the first bags that got me into appreciating handbags, so i have a love for it for sure, just not sure of the color IRL.

    and the Palmer has a pretty similar shape to the RM bag, and maybe that's why i was so drawn to it. arghhh...i'm biting my head off.

    thanks for your inputs though~ keep them coming! :smile:
  6. I also vote for the KP! Good luck let us know what you decide!
  7. [​IMG]
    I like the Kale Palmer but it can't beat the current season's Alexander McQ Novak....
  8. I like the 3rd one best.
  9. torn between the first and last, but the last is the best!
  10. i like the first one.
  11. I am mostly going on which shade of blue catches my eye the most, but I like the Kale Palmer the best.
  12. i like the first and the second ones best.
  13. I vote for the first one in teal. I love teal with just about every color so I would wear it with everything. I am not personally a far of navy and royal blues so I hardly wear them.
  14. i vote for the handmaid
  15. I have the RM Morning after in Royal and was also scared of it before buying for the same reason...was it too bright? I bit the bullet and LOVE it. It definitely stands out, but is a classy colbalt blue that changes from bright to dark in different light. You will NOT regret this purchase:love: