Which Bloomingdale's sells Chanel Handbags?

  1. Also, does anyone know if their double points & 15% off promotion includes Chanel handbags?
    Any information is appreciated.:flowers:
  2. i would like to know too.. ANYONE?
  3. South Coast Plaza/California & NYC. Good luck! :flowers:
  4. Bloomingdales in NY, Boston, and South Coast Plaza sell Chanel bags.
  5. Are the 15% off and double points promotion an upcoming event??
    Last year I opened a Bloomingdales charge account during a special event and I got 15% instead of the regular 10% for the new account. Don't know if it's the same thing.
    Bloomingdales Chestnut Hill, MA, ask for Nancy (not 100% sure about the name, sorry old age is creeping up on me)
  6. Just got the mailing from Blomies, doesn't look like Chanel is included in the 15% off, nor are most of the good brands... as always.
  7. ^Bummer! The mailer says to ask sales associate for details but I figured the girls on TPF would problem know better! Thanks!
  8. I was from South Coast Chanel is included if you open an account. I am thinking of getting a J12 with it.
  9. Brookline, MA does. near the mall in Chestnut Hill
  10. Sorry, I meant probably instead of problem!
  11. There's no Bloomies in Brookline :shrugs:
  12. ^Yes there is; I used to live near that area and shopped there many times. Chestnut Hill is a suburb of Brookline I think.
  13. Yeah, I used to live near there too, and the Bloomies that carries Chanel is in Chestnut Hill, MA. Chestnut Hill is part of Newton, Brookline & Boston. Technically, the Bloomies is in the Newton section of Chestnut Hill.