Which Bloomingdales have Trasporto?

  1. lol sorry for asking so many questions.. But my local Bloomingdales doesnt have Trasporto in any of the styles I like. So which Bloomingdales is carrying Trasporto? I just got a Bloomings card and am itching to use it..hehe :p
  2. I live in Chicago and they have them here. The location on Michigan Avenue, and in Skokie at Old Orchard Mall. They had a bunch of styles when I was there last week.
  3. I Love you...hehe.. Thanks..:tup:
  4. Bloomingdales in Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, CA has them in stock. It's the only Bloomy's in San Diego, so it shouldn't be too hard to find the phone number.
  5. Do you know if they had any ciaos?
  6. Bloomingdales in the San Francisco Westfield Mall has Trasporto.
  7. Nope, no Ciaos