Which Bloomingdales carry the medium classic in black caviar?

  1. I just called the one in CA and they only have the small classic in stock. I am looking for a medium black in caviar with gold hardware. Anyone seen this in either at the Boston or the NY 59th?
  2. I know the NY store has a boutique. Call them. I haven't been there in a few years, but they explained the whole Chanel story to me and I was smitten:smile: I wound up getting the bag from Nordstrom Seattle by cashing in my points. My first was a medium flap in caviar with silver.
  3. Hey roussel, I actually got my medium classic in black caviar with gold h/w last week at the Bloomingdales in NYC.
  4. thanks mikan! I want to open a bloomies account and maybe get a discount
    of some sort
  5. I remember seeing that they give a 10% discount on the first day you open an account, but somewhere else on this forum I saw it's currently 15% off! If you have it shipped to another state, Bloomies NYC charges about $25 to ship and you should save on sales tax too.
  6. Hi,

    I actually just called the Bloomies in NYC 59 St. I asked for the Medium Classic Flap in Black Caviar with silver h/w so they might still have another one. I spoke with Seth and Lisa. Both very nice SA's. They also the East West in beige caviar with gold h/w and in black caviar with silver h/w. Also, a bunch of timeless clutches!;)
  7. I saw it at the Bloomies SCP, is that the one you called?

    Also re: sizes: e/w, small/medium classic, and jumbo
  8. I found the bag in the boston store. The NY store does not have the medium with gold hardware. I didn't open an account but i get $300 worth of GC which is $15 for evry $100 spent. This promo is good up to tomorrow only
  9. Why didn't you open an account? Is it true that you can get 10% off if you open a Blommie's account? Would love to save a little. I already have a Saks card, so can't get any discount there.
  10. You got it in Bloomingdales Boston? Do they still have another one cause I'm looking for the same bag. Another question, do you need to be a US resident to open an account? Thanks.
  11. I had to drive 2.5 hrs to San Francisco (my nearest Bloomies) to open an account. Plus I am not sure how much credit limit they'll give me. The 15% off (plus 6% back) and $15 gc for every $100 purchase ends today, so I had to decide fast. I figured say they'll only give me $1000 credit limit, I'll save extra $150 which is not worth the trip to SF for me. If I'll get $2000 credit limit then I'll save an extra $300 which is good, but still not convinced to drive all the way there (gas, mileage, effort). So, I settled for the $300 gc I got which is better than nothing. BTW, I tried opening an account online (so I won't have to drive), but they'll only give me $500 the max credit limit with online application.
  12. You can try calling them. Not sure if they have anymore. Sorry, but I don't know about the rules with opening an account if you have to be a US citizen.
  13. Hi Mikan! I finally found the bag. Just have to wait for the UPS truck to arrive. Yeah, it is currently 15% off up to today only. I want to get this bag now before the price increase so I settled for the $300 GC. Bloomies charged me CA tax plus yeah the $20-25 shipping. I wish there is a Bloomies closeby so I could've saved the extra $300, that is if I get approved for at least $2000 credit limit. Also they have a 6% money back promo that you'll see on the statement I was told. So when I calculated I potentially could've saved a maximum of $420 extra with the discounts, plus the $300 gift certificate, so that comes out to $720! Very good for a Chanel bag right?