Which Bleecker would you get??

  1. [​IMG] Laced Duffle or

  2. LOVE the laced duffle!
  3. Laced duffle - I love that bag!
  4. I am getting the Laced Duffle for sure. The Laced Duffle is a great bag and I think that I will grow to love it as much as I love my Black Mandy! I vote for the Slim Laced Duffle as your new Fall bag.
  5. Um... both ?! :yes: (said the enabler :graucho:)
  6. LACED DUFFLE !!! :girlsigh::drool::heart:
  7. I like Felicia-I'm in the minority as usual :smile:
  8. The laced bleeker for sure! Where did you find these photos btw?
  9. I'm with sweetmelissa, I like the Felicia better.
  10. I like Felicia better too...I think the Laced Duffle looks too large for my needs though!
  11. Felicia!!!
  12. i was about to say the laced duffle.but then i clicked on the image and saw it up close. something doesn't look right about the lace on the leather duffle. maybe it's the material or color of the lace? i guess i'd have to see it in person. but based on the images posted, i vote for felicia.
  13. The Felicia...I like the simplicity of it and the weathered look.
  14. Felicia
  15. I, too, am leaning toward the Felicia. I LOVE the bag. My SA says it doesn't come out until mid-September. She also said that it doesn't look like Bleecker is going to be included in the PCE. I'm bummed, but I'll probably get it anyway. What a waste of a discount, though.