Which black would you suggest - classic flap or clutch with chain?

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Which black bag would you suggest?

  1. black lambskin m/l classic flap with GHW

  2. black lambskin m/l classic flap with SHW

  3. black caviar m/l classic flap with SHW

  4. black lambskin clutch with chain

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Would love some suggestions as I was thinking to add a black bag and I currently have the following bags (no black as yet!)

    - 08 Dark silver strip reissue in 226
    - 09 Navy m/l caviar classic flap
    - 10 Red patent valentine flap
    - 12 Red m/l caviar classic flap
    - 12 Blue chic caviar (medium)

    I'm looking to use this bag more for weekends/evening outs or special occasions rather than for daily use. I'm trying to decide btw the black lambskin m/l flap with SHW or GHW, black caviar m/l flap with SHW or the clutch with chain (CWC) in black lambskin. Which would you suggest?

    Many thanks :smile:
  2. Can it be black caviar m/l with ghw? It looks so elegant in the m/l size! If not, i'll go with shw :smile:)
  3. I vote for the ml lamb skin with ghw. It's perfect or evening and lamb skin is so posh.
    Leave caviar for more everyday use.

    I'd also suggest reissue 225 with ghw. I see you have no reissues on your list ;)
  4. oops...left that option out but yes was thinking either hardware altho I think with black, gold would as you say look more elegant...but my acessories are mostly silver or white gold...do u think that would clash or doesn't really matter?

    thanks...all my current bags are caviar so i'm really tempted to try lambskin but just my SA says it's more prone to scratches...altho from reading some of the other posts it doesn't seem as vulnerable as my SA made it out to be?

    I do have the one reissue on my list but it's the DS metallic striped one from back in 08. I don't have any of the more classic looking aged leather ones.
  5. If that's the case I would go with shw then. I tend to be very matchy matchy when it comes to hardware colors :smile:
  6. I think it's time for a lambskin!! With ghw ;)