Which Black tote?

  1. i am looking for a black tote to round out my collection of chanel bags and I don't know which one I should get.

    My choices are the

    Luxury by Chanel Patent Tote


    Modern Chain Large E/W Tote

    I am 5'3 and 100lbs.

    My apprehensions is...

    the patent tote might not be a classic bag and the MC tote may be too heavy for me

    Please give me advice. Thanks

    Here are pics for your reference
    patent lux.JPG mc tote.JPG
  2. IMHO, MC tote :yes:
  3. MC Tote for me too.
  4. Out of the two, I would go for the MC E/W tote. What about the N/S MC tote (it's not as wide as the E/W)? :smile: I'm probably going to get that. :smile:
  5. I'd go with the MC tote, I love the design and I think if you are looking fora good tote, you won't tire of the design. If you are already thinking the patent maybe too trendy or not a classic, I'd say go with the MC.
  6. MC Tote
  7. Jen, I have both, and the patent Luxe is definitely heavier than the MC e/w. The patent is bulky under the arm and really not a practical bag. I bought it because I love the style and deal with the nuances each time I wear it.
  8. Definitely the MC (non-patent) tote!
  9. Modern chain because it's a classic and will never go out of style.

    Patent is hot now, but it comes and goes.
  10. I like the MC tote!!!
  11. MC tote!x
  12. thanks roey, your advice is very valuable.

    to all the girls who has replied thank you so much!

    I am definitely going for the MC tote

    MC tote wins hands down! thanks
  13. Modern Chain E/W Tote
  14. Modern Chain!! The reason is that the R&C is not leather, but vinyl...and that's just noth worth it, IMO.
    It's a lovely bag!!
  15. MC tote, its on my wishlist too.