Which black reissue? Gold or Silver


Which black reissue?

  1. Original black w/ gold hardware

  2. New metallic black w/ silver hardware

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Sorry for all of these threads ladies.

    I'm going Chanel flap bag CRAZY....I am two seconds from selling off all of my Louis Vuitton. LOL:graucho::roflmfao:

    Anyway I finally saw the pic of the new metallic reissues and I like.
    but the old black w/ gold still tugs at my heart strings.:heart:

    I want one colored reissiue (white, blue, etc.) and one black.

    Which black is better the old gold or the new silver?

    I say the old gold but I'm curious about everyone elses thoughts. I already have a blakc caviar w. silver so I think the old gold reissue would be a nice change.

    But gold is also hard to wear for me.
    But I still love the look:rolleyes:
  2. Anyone?
  3. FOR my opinion, I still like the one with gold. The old reissue. My friend, who forwarded me the photo of the black metallic reissue mentioned this too. "The navy patent and the gold / silver metallics still look more stunning than the black metallic reissue IRL..." Just for our opinion...
  4. But I got myself into the list, just in case! LOL!
  5. I voted for black with gold chain, I am a bit on the conservative side when it comes to handbags. Love that classic look!
  6. Th original reissue because it was design to be how Coco designed it. And someday the popularity of the metallics may fizzle.

  7. :idea:True.
  8. i voted metallic black because it's very modern looking and i can see myself pulling it off w/ any casual clothing. but the one w/ gold hardware is too dressy imo. it's only because i wouldn't want other people to think "psst...she has a 2k handbag but dresses like slob" or something like that.. hehehe

    are you really going to sell your oskar waltz on your avatar???? that bag is soo pretty (though i like the macha version)
  9. Original black w/ gold hardware
  10. I voted metallic black w/ silver hardware.. I like gold hardware paired with black crackled patent :drool:

  11. LOL. if I get the gold I definitly would not wear it w/ jeans and flip flops....I have other bags for that.

    But I kow it would look great w/ jeans and heels. :tup:
  12. If you can get your hands on the classic leather I would go for that one. If not, go for the new metallic one. I am anxious to see what it looks like IRL.
  13. To be honest.. i dont like reissue.. i LOVE the chanel classic flap.. but never thought of buying reissue..However, recently.. i've been falling HARD for them.. they're truly classic!!!
  14. I voted for the original with gold.
  15. I've decide that I do not care for the new metallic reissue