Which black leather jacket?

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  1. http://www.tedbaker.com/women's/jackets_+_coats/88270-zip_collar_leather_biker_jacket/detail.aspx?pfm=browse

    This one is ted baker, retail at $550. I plan to buy black, but really don't like the model for the black one on their website (may distract your choice, hehe), so i pulled this one.

    This one is vince, retail is $995. Of course i won't pay that much, will wait for some sort of event or sale.

    Which one is better? Thanks for your opinion!
  2. I like the Vince one. I wish they'd show it open though.
  3. I like the vince one too but by just a little...:P
  4. I like the Vince one more.
  5. Between the two, I prefer the Vince one. :smile: I have the version from last year or the year before, in a thicker leather... it was $725ish though. :smile:
  6. Thank you, ladies. Seems like everybody likes the Vince one better. I wonder if it’s because the model. I hope I can “borrow” lvpiggy’s pic—I know she has the Ted Baker black one.

    The collar on the muudaa one is bigger then I like. Thank you, though.
  7. #2 in black
  8. There are some Vince leather jackets at Nordstrom Rack for $299. They are not the asymmetrical like the one you liked those. The ones I saw were zipped down the center. Super soft leather and I was going to buy one, but then they had Mike & Chris ones too for $229 and it had a hood so I got that instead. Now I'm wishing I got the Vince one too...
  9. i'm leaning towards the Vince too
  10. Vince!
  11. #2
  12. Yeah I like the Vince too
  13. Tough choice but i think i like the Vince one better, by just a little. They are both cute!
  14. vince is my vote. the TB one with all the lines in the front is tough to pull off if you have any kind of a chest, makes the model look like a linebacker.