Which black leather jacket should I keep?? **Modeling pics**

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Which leather jacket should I keep?

  1. Neiman Marcus lamb leather

  2. Truth & Pride leather with gold hardware

  3. Return both

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I purchased a Truth&Pride leather jacket from Nordstrom Rack $120 and a Neiman Marcus lamb leather jacket for $160. Which one should I keep? Or should I return both b/c they're no good?

    I plan on wearing the jacket with skinny jeans and flats or tunic & leggins. But not sure what else I can wear it with...

    NM Leather Jacket size Medium - reaches just at/above my hips
    NM jacket01.jpg
    NM jacket02.jpg

    Truth & Pride Leather jacket size Large - feels like a cropped jacket, falls right at my waist when zipped
  2. Back view of the Neiman jacket

    NM jacket03.jpg

    Back view of the Truth & Pride jacket


  3. Cute jackets. The winner for me though, hands down, is the Neiman Marcus jacket. I think the length is more flattering and versatile, it looks better open and while the gold zippers on Truth & Pride jacket might be more unique/stand out more, I think it's too flashy and trendy and won't be as long lasting as the Neiman Marcus one.

    Leather jackets look great with skinny jeans and long tunics but they also go well over dresses! I've also worn my leather jacket in the summer with denim shorts, a tank top and flip flops. A great wardrobe piece. Best of all you can't go wrong with the prices on either jacket lol.

    You look great in both but I definitely like the NM one more. Good luck!
  4. ^ thank you for your input True Religion! i like your idea on wearing it with a dress or with shorts in summer
  5. funny, i thought the NM one looked baggy when unzipped the first time i saw the pic, and that the truth and pride one looked better from the front.. but after looking at the back view + overall fit, i think the NM one looks more flattering. :yes:
  6. NM jacket for sure!
  7. NM definitely!! I'm not a fan of the length or the gold hardware on the other one :smile:
  8. NM hands down for me, the overall fit is great...Truth and Pride looks kind of plasticky and I am not a fan of the gold zippers.
  9. NM looks better on you. the other one is too short...i think a leather jacket needs to be at least a couple inches lowers than the waist area.
  10. I like the NM leather jacket more, it looks great on you when its both zipped and unzipped.
    Did you purchase it online, if so would you happen to have a link to the jacket?
  11. NM definitely!!
  12. NM most def! ;)
  13. Yup, definitely the NM. The second one does look plastic-y and the gold zippers are just too flashy.
  14. The NM jacket. The Nordies jacket has too much going on, and I think it will be dated quickly.
  15. NM jacket! It looks beautiful on you.