Which Black Hobo?

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  1. I just purchased the Madison Hobo in black last weekend. Now I am wondering if I should return it for a Legacy Duffle in black.

    I like both for different reasons but they are too similar to have both in black!

    Madison Hobo: For: pebbled leather doesn't show wear as easily, hardware is a little dressier looking, two strap options are great for shoulder vs. Crossbody. Against: already have in chestnut and trying not to duplicate styles.

    Legacy Duffle: For: nice casual style, leather soft and smooshy, discontinued style. Against: leather not as durable since it is soft and smooshy, have to remove strap to switch from shoulder to cross body.

    Your advice and opinions are appreciated. Again...I do not need both :smile:. TIA!
  2. I have a hobo but I would trade it in a minute for the duffle. I just love the feel of it more but I agree the hobo is a classier looking bag.
  3. I prefer pebbled leather for larger bags like this, as I know that for me it'll get tossed around a bit. Even though you'd rather not repeat styles, I'd say if that chestnut hobo is working out really well for you, then you know you're going to love the black one too.
  4. Personally, although I like the duffle slightly better than the hobo, I think that for a black bag, I prefer the dressier look of the hobo.
  5. I would buy the duffle as they are getting harder to find. I love the look and feel of the legacy line. One thing to consider is the lining in the duffle. I don't own the black duffle but I own both the black bucket bag and boho duffle and the lining is dark so they tend to be big black holes unless you put a colored purse liner in them.
  6. So you just like the duffle better? Weren't you able to find one? I like both but for the different reasons I mentioned. :smile:
  7. Duffle.
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    Thanks ladies for your input so far. What I should probably do is try to find a duffle in color that is not brown or black like all my other bags. :smile: But, if I do that I want a super good deal like some that were on FOS before. (like Deep Port or Robin's Egg)

    I had a mint duffle that I ended up selling after I used it a number of times. Just felt the mint didn't go with enough of my clothes and was worried about the light color.

  9. How about the black studded duffle?
    It's different enough from other duffles.
  10. I like both but I do love the duffle more. I did find the purple at the outlet last weekend and, if I didn't already have my hobo, she would have come home with me. I just don't really carry larger bags. I just use my hobo as my carry on when I travel and for that she's the better choice.
  11. I prefer the look of the duffle, but I found the doubled up strap didn't wok for me and kept slipping off my shoulder
  12. Tough one... While I love duffles, in the case of a large black bag, I prefer the pebbling of a Madison over the smoothness of a legacy. I love the smushy no fuss leather on my black Isabelle.
    But I like that the duffle has an outside pocket (the hobo doesn't, right?).
  13. I prefer the Madison Hobo. Just like the look of it better.
  14. I debated the exact same thing about a month ago and picked the duffle. I like the duffle because of the outside pocket. It is so handy to put my phone and lip gloss in there and have easy access to it.

    I also like that I do not have an extra strap to deal with. When wearing the duffle crossbody there is not a shoulder strap in the way and when wearing it on my shoulder there is not a longer strap handing down. I've gotten the hang of switching the strap and can do it pretty quickly.

    The few things I don't like about the duffle are the black interior and I wish there was a strap holder to keep the straps more together when doubled. I am also seeing a bit of corner wear but I don't switch purses so it is used everyday.
  15. The glove tanned leather is actually the most durable leather the company has. Yes, it shows scratches and scuffs, but it supposed to give it that vintage look. Moisturizer and cleaner help rub them in also while cleaning it. My mom owns one and carries it on a day to day basis. It's perfect if it needs to be dressed up or dressed down but also for hands free access.