Which Black Epi bag to choose??

  1. The new Montaigne Sac?

    or the classic Epi Speedy 25? The bag would be Black - either style:
  2. Speedy 25 for sure!
  3. Montaigne!! It's so awesome!!

    PS: When I went to LV last, the SA told me that they are going to make the Montaigne in Monogram too! She thought it would be for next fall.
  4. Montaign, both are great though. I like the way the Montaign opens, the 25 is a little tight to get in & out of.
  5. Montaigne... I love the clasp on it in contrast with the epi.
  6. i prefer the Speedy. the Montaigne looks a little weird, especially with that strap coming out from nowhere
  7. Have you (or are you able to) tried out both? They may feel very different. I tried on both the speedy & the alma & hands down, the alma looked much better on me. I'm short & uh, well, kind of round & the speedy accentuated that a bit. HTH & let us know what you decide!
  8. The new Montaigne Sac! Do you know how much they cost?
  9. Speedy 25! (not a huge fan of the montaigne sac)
  10. Speedy! (or how about the jasmin? ;))
  11. The Speedy.
  12. I vote for the speedy. More classic.
  13. Montaigne GM
  14. Can't go wrong with a speedy...
  15. in black...i prefer the speedy.