Which black dress should I get?

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  1. 1. [​IMG] 2.[​IMG]
  2. I think I love the 2nd lacy one...
  3. I like both. What's the occasion so I pick one?
  4. 2nd one. I see ones really similar to the first a lot.
  5. I really love both!
  6. definitely #1.
  7. ^ My thoughts exactly... I love both, but it totally depends on the occasion.

    The first one is sexy yet sophisticated. The second one is more conservative yet elegant.
  8. I like number one best!:tup:

  9. I think they are both great but the 2nd jumps at me more. I agree it depends on the occasion. What shoes are you planning to wear?
  10. I like #1 but it depends on the function you're attending.
  11. as everyone else said it depends on the occasion, but i think #1 is more flattering.
  12. I like both but prefer #2.
  13. It depends on the body type and the function you are attending. I personally like the lace one more. Its also more conservative than the one on the left.
  14. One!!
  15. I love the 2nd one.