Which black bbag is your favourite?

  1. Carrying on from the black bag thread, which of the black bbags is your favourite, both for look and function?
  2. You know what I'm gonna say :p

    Black Twiggy but I also LOVED my Black Brief
  3. As a guy I think my Extra Courier is fantastic. For a woman, I really like seeing the Part Time with SGH.
  4. Yes, I am not surprised. ;)
  5. Is the extra courier LARGER than the courier? I haven't seen one yet.
  6. Definitely my black day - I think it's the perfect black bbag, and my only black bbag so far. But, I think that I will probably also get a black twiggy at some point - and probably also a black GGH city for going out!!
  7. My black city. Perfect size etc...for an everyday bag.
  8. I'll 2nd Glitz here..Love Black in City :smile:
  9. Black city.....have yet to own one myself though.
  10. Black GGh Work!
  11. black city.. should be my next bag :graucho:
  12. i haven't owned it yet and when i do, it'll be a First. i actually am not a big fan of the City and i can't pin down why.
  13. City!:tup:
  14. Black first! I really regret selling mine :sad:
  15. black GGH PT for sure...it's the perfect size, the gold really pops against the black!