which black bag do you like the most?

  1. which one do you like and why?

    1. black epi speedy 25
    2. black chanel jumbo flap



    the pictures are not mine
  2. chanel jumbo flap!
  3. The LV. Definately.
  4. Balenciaga City (medium) bag.
  5. that's a tough one...I really love both...I would need both around to suit my different moods for different days!
  6. Chanel!
  7. Speedy, but I'm biased. I like Chanel bags but I'm not a fan of the quilted look. :hides:
  8. Both of them look nice! But speedy is more practical...
  9. **black epi speedy 25

    Gorgeous, sleek, classic... beautiful
  10. Chanel! I prefer Chanel overall, but I have to have a shoulder bag and the flap is one! Also, it's super versatile, can go from day to night:biggrin:
  11. Speedy, seems like it could be carried more often.
  12. Between the two the epi speedy, I just can't warm up to the very classic Chanel...reminds me too much of my grandma, a very lovely lady but ...:shame: Now a couple of years down the road....:p
  13. The speedy.. the jumbo flap looks to matronly for me..
  14. chanel definitely!! very classic!
  15. I would have to choose the LV. Its seems to be a much more carefree bag.