Which black bag-->Bbag or YSL?

  1. This YSL Mombasa is super hard to find (E/W style, not the hobo) for $600.


    The bbag I can get is a basically new black City from a friend who bought it @ Aloharag, used 1x with all tags, etc. for $800. Only thing is I've never seen one IRL and am not sure on the size of it?

    I need a black bag and am not sure which one to go with?
  2. For me, the horn on the Mombasa is an uncomfortable handle, although I always like the YSL styles. I too found the City to be too big for me though. I think if you don't want a briefcase sized bag and you like the Mombasa, I would go with that because it sounds as if it's the one you really prefer.
  3. here's a better picture of the exact YSL:
  4. Yeah, does sound like u prefer the Mombasa, so u should get it instead of the Balenciaga. I think I read somewhere u liked smaller bags so the City would not be a good size for you. You'd prolly like the First a lot more. Don't worry that your friend has a great deal for you. At the end of the day, you won't be content with it.
  5. Maybe because I've seen the Mombasa and have doubts about the city as I've never tried one on. The first is too teeny for my stuff but then I'm not sure if the city will be too big, is it that large inside?
  6. I'd go with the Balenciaga. It's a great bag!
  7. My vote is for the b-bag! You will love it once you see it IRL- such a great bag!!!
  8. I would JUMP on a black City for $800! That is a great price, and if you don't love it, sell it on the Marketplace. I have been thinking about the black color, but I don't carry black bags very often. I love my ink City!

    AND it has the option of a shoulder strap...would probably be easier to carry than the YSL.
  9. Guys are there links where I can check out short people w/the City? Can I get it over my shoulder with the handles? Thanks! I am leaning towards the City as I really want to get a Balenciaga :smile:
  10. Yes- i can easily wear it over my shoulder w/ the handles!!! And I am 5'1"- you will look great!!!
  11. YSL Mombasa is nice!
  12. MOMBASA!!!! Especially if this is a bag you've been eyeing for awhile. I just recently got my brown large Mombasa and LOVE it. It's actually comfortable to wear on the shoulder--I'd ask for a closer pic of the handle. As long as the horn is rounded, it won't be uncomfortable--especially if you wear jackets or coats or something a little more than just a t-shirt. I've gone shopping with mine and wasn't uncomfortable.

    I think the Mombasa is a forever classic whereas the Bbags don't really do it for me--they're more casual.
  13. I like Mombasa...good luck to you !
  14. Mombasa for me too.
  15. I would go for the Mombasa. B-bags will always be around.