Which Birkin?

  1. I need help and am hoping you all can give some advice. I have only been purchasing Birkins in 35 cm. I am 5' 8" and am wondering if I buy a 30 cm would it look to small. Anyone out there around my height with a 30 cm?? Or opinions?? . TIA
  2. for your hight, I would choose 35...that would look fantastic!
  3. If you only have 35's then a 30 won't be a bad idea because it would be more like an evening bag for you as well, and it's more of a handbag look.
  4. I've tried on a 28cm HAC before and it looks fine on me, so I think a 30cm will be fine on you too. We're the same height.
  5. Thank you all....

    I am seriously torn. My next bag is a 'color' Birkin and want it to be playful and useful. Although I love the idea Baggs just gave... a 25 cm black croc would be amazing!
  6. Gmel, if you can get your hands on a black croc...I would buy a 25 in a flash!
  7. What about trying a HAC 32?
  8. I've seen Melania Trump with a 30cm and it looks lovely on her. Very purse-like and not at all like a tote. And I think she's even taller than 5'8"
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