which birkin ??

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  1. hello everyone..

    i am a new member and i loved this forum!!! so much info and to die for bags i must say !

    i am confused in buying my first birkin.. there are two which i like bt i dont know which to pick.. both r offered.. Both 30cm with silver hardware color called green olive and the brown one called ebene, both togo clemence leather..

    which do you think i should go for?

  2. Both colors are great! I have an olive clemence evelyne and have found it to be a great neutral color. Ebene is darker, and just as beautiful.
  3. Hi Ninah9 & welcome!You should take a good look in your closet to see what colors you own to see which one would suit your lifestyle better.Don't rush in deciding because you may regret your choice of color later,think it through.Unless of course everytime you look at one of the 2 & it makes your heart swoon then the answer is obvious.Ebene is a great neautral that almost looks black,& the olive one sounds lovely too.Good Luck!
  4. thanks for ur reply lulilu.. i loved both of them too which makes it even more confusing! hehe.. times running up ! gotta pick soon! :smile:

    Diva thank u !! i do wear a lot of neutral/sandy colours..which would make both very practical..:S:S
    thanks for ur reply :smile:
  5. Hi and welcome, its a tough one, both are such lovely colours!!!! I would opt for Ebene, or maybe Olive!!Argh!!

    Ok, defo ebene has my vote!
  6. Since it is your first birkin, get the dark colour ebene. This colour is classic and neutral. Easy to care too. You can always get pop colours for your next birkin.
  7. Another vote for ebene here but do check which works best with your wardrobe
  8. I pick ebene but it has got to work for you not us!
  9. ^^^ Wise words!
  10. Thank you all for ur replies.. i wish i can get both!! lol.. i do think ebene is more practical but the olive green would be more unique .. ??!?!?!?!?
  11. Sometimes unique doesn't always mean good, how does the olive work with the kind of colours you wear?
  12. i do have the balenciaga in a very dark shade of olive, and i do wear it a lot actually.. but reconsidering, this is a hermes! so id want a colour which would suit and go with everything..
  13. ^ Nina, you have answered your own question! Best of luck with your decision.
  14. definitely ebene you want your first birkin to be a classic! and ebene is gorgeous and timeless!
  15. I would pick the olive for my first between those 2 - but that's just me. Good luck! And I would probably pick clemence over togo.