Which Birkin Would You Choose?

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Which Birkin Would You Choose

  1. 30 cm Bleu Hydra Birkin

  2. 30 cm Rouge Casaque Birkin

  3. 30 cm Etoupe Birkin

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi Everyone,

    If given the option of a 30 cm Bleu Hydra Birkin with shw, 30 cm Rouge Casaque Birkin with ghw and a 30 cm Etoupe Birkin with shw, which would you choose and why?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Those are stunning colors! I would eventually want all 3!! Ha ha...if starting scratch and first birkin i would choose: rouge casaque. I had this bag trust me it is perfection! Then blue hydra to wear with jeans such a fun color. I would choose etoupe last only because maybe easiest to get.
  3. What leathers? That would matter to me.
  4. Bleu hydra and rouge casaque would both be clemence and the etoupe would be togo.
  5. I like the etoupe Togo.. So classic
  6. I have the etoupe Togo. Fabulous choice for a first/neutral B!!!
  7. RC with GHW anyday! I am a GHW kinda gal and RC is definitely on my wish list! One of the best reds H ever made!!! ❤️❤️
  8. Etoupe togo
  9. Is this your first Birkin? I would vote blue hydra, the colour is just so fresh and bright! But etoupe is a lovely neutral!
  10. Yes, this would be my first. Part of me says to stick to classics like red or etoupe but hydra is a striking shade of blue and as ehy12 said etoupe is easier to get.
  11. Does hydra go with your wardrobe? I personally would pick hydra, I don't believe it is a colour in the normal collection unlike etoupe. Have you seen the colour in real life? As soon as you see it I think you will fall in love with it. Best of luck deciding! :graucho:
  12. I took an introductory class for color theory and learned that if you have constant exposure to a certain color, your eyes will crave its compliment. The red appears to have an orange undertone. Orange and blue are complimentary colors so if you buy say, the blue first, you will likely want the red next (or vice versa).

    You would probably wind up getting the etoupe last if you were to ultimately buy all of these Birkins.

    If you want your bag to go with your wardrobe, I would say a neutral would be the most practical. I would get an etoupe, black or gold first. Those are classic colors and will go with anything. Then I would get the different colors later. Good luck!
  13. Etoupe Togo a classic color that can compliment many wardrobe!
  14. i would start with etoupe togo :smile:
  15. Rc is best!
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