Which birkin should i pick ???


Jul 14, 2013
I am going to call my SA tomorrow discus about my next birkin ..I always heart a rouge casaque birkin with GHW,but now I am torn between the new colour anemone and my beloved rough casaque, has anyone seen the anemone birkin ??do they even make it ?also I am not sure which size,I have couple of size 35 birkins ,it is a good size for me but sometimes i find it is too big as I don't have that many things to carry around,I have tried the size 30 before, it is kind of weird for my physique,or maybe I am not use to carry smaller bag,I am 5 ft 6 and regular build,I really need your ladies help as hopefully I can pick up my new dream bag next week,which one should I go for ??


Nov 30, 2013
Both are beautiful but ultimately it comes down to 'what will I enjoy more?' What makes your heart flutter when you see it?

I have red vermillion b35 with ghw and I love it BUT I happen to think purple would have gone more with the color palette I wear. Even though I asked for red.. if I had known about Anemone (or if Parme or Ultra Violet was an option..) I would have gone for purple!

Hope you have your new bag soon!!


Sep 15, 2013
My vote os for the Rouge Casaque. If you have always wanted a Rouge Casaque with GHW then don't veer from your course as you will always long for one. This is your chance to get your dream bag, get it and you can always get the Anemone later on. Perhaps go for a Rouge C in a 35 for this bag and an Anemone 30 for your next bag or vice versa?


Mar 13, 2011
Ban Island
I love the new Anemone color, but when you mention Rouge Casaque with GHW my heart flutters! So that's the one I would go with...but it's your bag, so go with the one that makes YOUR heart flutter! :smile:
Apr 23, 2008
H Garden
I love both colors and would eventually like to have both in my collection as well. I think you need to ask yourself if you love RC more or Anemone more...so much so that you have to have it RIGHT NOW over the other. H has all these amazing colors coming out every season, and there's no way for one to keep up unless one owns a golden goose or a money tree. Thus the elimination game every season..
Best of luck with your decision dear...;)


May 2, 2011
Rc! Its more classic. Yes they do make birkins in anemone. I saw 1 of it being sold in the resellers' market.


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Sep 7, 2010
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It is so hard not to be sucked into the frenzy over new colors. H releases new ones every year, and if you spend enough time, you'll realize that some are very similar to others from the past -- hence, the discussions here of, "Would you say it's like ultraviolet?" "No, really more like Parme," etc. etc. It's one of the ways H keeps us looking!

I do really love Anemone, but if it were me, I'd stick with your original HG and go with Rouge Casaque. Red is more classic, and will probably pass the "Will I wear this for years and years and still be happy with it?" test. In a way, it's more neutral than Anemone, and I would find it easier to match with a lot of my warddrobe.

Now, if it were a much lower price point bag, like an Evelyne or a leather Garden Party, I'd say Go for Anemone! But I think a Birkin is more of an investment/lifetime bag, so RC for me on this one.