Which Bikini Is Best For Your Body ?

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    Balance a long silhouette by widening the parts that matter with a clever use of colour and style. Horizontal stripes trick the eye, and bandeau tops give width to your bust.
    Consider gel-filled, padded styles for emphasis. Bright patterns and bold designs draw attention to your curves. DO: Enhance top and bottom. DON'T: Go for vertical stripes - they will only make you look longer.

    Long body
    If your tummy is a problem area, minimise it with big bottoms and styles with control panels.
    Ruched, adjustable briefs and high-rise bottoms or shorts are best for this shape.
    Avoid fussy designs; choose large prints or bold, colourful patterns. Pretty details can help catch the eye.

    A tankini with padded cups balances your shape and hides the tummy. DO: Choose high-rise bottoms and tummy control. DON'T: Let it all hang out over skimpy briefs


    [​IMG] Apple shape
    Fuller busts need support, so choose underwiring and full cups, as you would with underwear.
    Wider straps help with uplift and don't dig into shoulders. Halter necks can be adjusted for great shape and support.
    If you want to flaunt it, choose front frills or detailing. If you want to play it down, opt for bottoms with tie sides and belts. Balance the bikini so you don't look top heavy. DO: Get good support from underwired and cup-sized styles. DON'T: Spill out of illfitting shapes.


    [​IMG] Large bust
    Eye-catching and feminine styles flatter an athletic physique. A halterneck helps play down big shoulders. Plunge fronts, tie tops and padding give a glamorous shape. Pick the prettiest prints - floral, animal, spots and up-to-the-moment tropical.
    High-cut legs divert attention from shoulders.
    Avoid sporty styles and boy shorts in favour of tie sides and mini briefs. DO: Make yourself look feminine. DON'T: Pick functional, sporty styles


    [​IMG] Athletic shape
    You're lucky to be able to wear teeny triangle tops.
    Less fabric shows off more bust, but don't stop there. Get a boost from gel-filled or removable foam pads.
    A knotted front or decorated and embellished styles draw attention to the bust. Bandeau shapes are flattering - more fabric says more bust.
    Avoid attention-grabbing big pants. Tie sides and mini briefs ensure the focus is up top. DO: Choose gel-filled cups for effect. DON'T: Drown your assets in saggy, ill-fitting tops.

    [​IMG] Small bust
    The good news is that you can wear most bikini styles.
    Flaunt your assets and make the most of a small bust with plunge-front tops or itsybitsy triangle shapes.
    Pretty details such as buckles, beads and ties draw attention, and padded styles will give you more uplift.
    Elongate short legs with high-cut briefs. Tie sides and scanty bottoms also maximise leg length. DO: Emphasise your cleavage. DON'T: Choose boy shorts - they will make your legs look even shorter.

    [​IMG] Petite body

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