which betty would you gals choose (?)


what's your favorite betty (?)

  1. large black betty

  2. black betty hobo

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  1. yippy, i think my next purchase might be a betty (again!!!)...i bought a medium black betty a few months ago, but it was too heavy for the size for me...i wouldn't have minded carrying it if it held a bit more...so, now i'm trying to decide between the large black betty & the black betty hobo (both with "O" rings)...besides answering the poll, can you tell me 1) which is heavier 2) which holds more & 3) which has softer leather (?)...TIA :tender:
  2. Large black betty of course!
  3. Hi, I can't view the Betty Hobo pic
  4. ^^ yikes, it doesn't work if you click on it (?) :shrugs:
  5. ^^ here's another photo of the hobo, found on tPF & posted by a lovely PFer (ver1982) :heart:
    betty hobo-1.JPG
  6. Large black Betty, it's more of a classic.
  7. large black betty!
  8. O Thanks for the pic..I vote for the hobo just because the large bettys are HUGE..more like a small luggage bag..
  9. hi bammy!!:biggrin: I voted the hobo cuz I think you can wear it cross-body. The large Betty is pretty big and might be hard to carry on your shoulder....IMO.

    good luck! :heart:
  10. Large black betty vote here! Love that bag!
  11. I have both. I use the hobo for work and I use the large betty for travel. (it is huge). but I have read another PFer in here use her large betty for everyday but she has kids and carries alot of stuff around. its too big for me to use everyday. So I guess what I am saying is it depends on how much stuff you wanna carry around?
  12. ^^ yay, red, jag & bagnshoo, it's so good to see you all here!!! :yahoo:...i'm starting to wonder whether the so-called large betty's i've been looking at are really mediums (?) :p...because i don't want a humongous betty & the ones i've been oogling didn't look that big to me...i borrowed my friend Balchlfen's photo of her 2 beautiful betty's & am hoping you tell me what size the chocolate one is (?) :heart:
  13. hard to tell cause most everything about them is the same. they look like mediums to me which is a great size.
  14. click on my showcase and you will see my 2 bettys side by side.
    they are the 3rd group shot from the left. you can see the large black is much wider.
  15. ^^ okay, thanks girl, will do!!! :wlae: