Which Betty to keep?

  1. The med or large?? The large is more comfy on the shoulder but I really don't mind holding bags. Really need help deciding. They both cost me the same price. The larger one was way more of a deal but I know that shouldn't make my decision.
    small.JPG lg.JPG
  2. oooh its a toughy (they both look good on you :smile:). I think I am preferring the large, but its a close thing ;)
  3. I don't know if it's the camera angle, but they kinda look the same size to me? Can you retake photos? Without really looking at the photo I would keep the large. Yes, cost shouldn't be an issue but you got that one at an amazing price! lol. Also, you should think about how often you will use the bag and what your every day lifestyle is.
  4. I like the medium size but I am biased because I don't like big bags (and the large looks much bigger to me)
  5. They're both great bags but it depends on how comfortable you are with each one. I have the large one but I use it as a tote. I feel it's a little big for me as an every day handbag to go shopping with, etc., For an everyday handbag I would choose the medium. (but that's just me ;))
  6. i like them both and also don't see too much difference in appearance so i would go with the size you could use more (and i also like the comfier shoulder strap). hope that helps but i don't think you can go wrong, they both look great on you!
  7. i love the medium on you.
  8. I prefer the medium. Both are really cute though!
  9. I'd say go with the larger of the two. A bit more roomy and not that much larger.

  10. Large! But what works best for you?
  11. I like the one on the right...I am guessing that is the larger. Did you get them on sale? This is a really nice bag!
  12. With them both over your shoulder like that I definitely prefer the large because the medium looks like such a tight squeeze. However, I am familiar with both sizes and much prefer the medium irl (which I have) which is perfect UNLESS you're trying to wear it on your shoulder. I do like big bags but to me the large is a little too large for my taste to use as a purse.

    Love them both though!
  13. Oh, I forgot to say that the other main reason I love the medium over the large is because of the configuration of pockets on the other side. I love how each side is different and the other side (that you don't show in your pics) has three pockets. That makes a big difference for me.
  14. I like the Large. Looks great on you!
  15. I think the large looks better on you too! Great scores on both!