Which belt should I choose?

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  1. I'm going on a short weekend trip to Prague next month, and I think I will get a new belt there. I like these two. Hmm.. Which one should I choose?

    Belt 1:

    Belt 2:
  2. DE gets my vote
  3. Monogram gets my vote.
  4. DE gets my vote!
  5. I prefer the DE.
  6. DE gets my vote
  7. Monogram
  8. Monogram
  9. De
  10. Leaning more towards DE. You've had action pics before with your belt and buckle I believe? I'd get the opposite of what you have.
  11. De
  12. De
  13. I love Mono ever, but belt looks better in DE my opinion
  14. Belt 1
  15. Monogram (basically it's split down the middle lol) so what's your basis for choosing?