Which Belt Bag??

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  1. I've been obssessing over the Celine Belt Bag and I can't decide on the:

    1. Size
    2. Color

    I'm mostly deciding between the nano and the micro, since I don't like having a big heavy bag that will hurt my shoulders. Is this bag heavy?

    Also, which color (other than black) do you think will "age" the best, or is the most resistant to wear and tear? I lean towards the more neutral colors (Beige, Gray, Taupe, Black, Amazone). Is the Caramel color still in the market?
  2. I have the Grey in the mini (which is the largest size I believe)

    The SA advised me against the taupe, he said this bag is hard to clean/ keep clean.

    I don't carry mine often, but this bag DOES get super heavy, as it holds a LOT. (It can fit a MacBook- the rose gold sized one).

    It only has that one strap...I tend to carry mine in the crook of my arm because it looks better that way, but if I over packed it and it got too heavy I would use the strap.

    They have the mauve color in the micro and nano, which I would like to have as a date night bag... I wish the mini came in burgundy, but when I got mine it didn't- not sure if it does now. Not a lot of color options for this bag. I saw a Green one. (Black, grey, and taupe)... They the blush rose looking ones in the micro sizes.

    Over all I wanted the Celine tie knot for a long while, but by it took me so long to get it (a couple years) the tie knot was old, and the belt bag was the newest one, so I went with that one instead.

    This bag is very understated... People who aren't in to bag will have no clue that it's a Celine.
  3. The bag IS fairly heavy, but which leather bag isn't. What size you want depends on how you're going to use the bag - date night only? Nano is fine. If you want a workhorse, the mini.

    IMHO the most versatile size is the micro - I'm currently hunting for an Old Logo Micro in Light Taupe.

    As for color, any dark color would usually wear/age better than lighter colors, just from the leather picking up dirt from your hands, oil marks etc. But again, this depends on how frequently you use the bag, if you rotate bags frequently...the belt bag can stay pretty pristine for years, otherwise, I've seen some that aged really quickly when they were overloaded and used daily.

    I've owned the Navy Mini for a year now and it still looks new.
  4. I'd recommend gray nano belt if you do not have a lot to carry. The micro is heavy!
  5. I have the nano. I prefer this size because 1) it’s lightweight 2) I don’t carry a lot and 3) it looks great crossbody and handheld.

    The micro looks better on the crook of the arm, but that is the least practical way of carrying the bag for me. I bought a light grey seasonal color and have had no issues keeping it clean. It is lighter than the light taupe. It’s a durable leather so I don’t worry about it getting dirty. Good luck!