Which Bellevue, Amarante or Violette??

  1. I'm waitlisting for the Violette GM and PM (not sure which size will look best on me) but after seeing pics of the amarante I'm having second thoughts!

    Which do you think looks best in the PM most likely?
    I also have the Sunset in Amarante if that matters!


    First pic is lemontart's and the second babykisses'
    Sorry guys if posting these pics is a no-no, let me know if it is.
    LV1.jpg IMG00034.jpg
  2. erm... amarante.. the purple is kind of too bright...
  3. The bellevue pm doesn't come in amarante .. only pomme and violette...I tried on the amarante GM today and it was really, really nice....try them on and see what suits your needs:tup:
  4. as shalomjude has said, amarante doesn't come in the pm size..so it narrows down on which size you really really want....im biased towards amarante so my vote goes for it!
  5. As much as I love the violette (and anything purple for that matter) I prefer the amarante more ... so much classier imo.
  6. I prefer the color in Amarante but the GM size maybe too big. If you like the PM size, consider the Pomme?
  7. amarante
  8. amarante
  9. If I had a choice and I didn't have my amarante Summit Drive already, I would choose the amarante Bellevue GM. I saw both the GM sizes in amarante and violette. Saw the violette PM. The violette is a gorgeous color, but the amarante took my breath away (lol) while the violette raised my eyebrows. LOL I do want the violette GM, though, someday soon just coz I love purple of any shade! Good luck with your decision!!
  10. I love the new vernis color so I would say Violette!!!!
  11. Didn't realize the PM doesn't come in Amarante...

    Hmm so I'll wait until they come in and see if the PM is big enough and then decide.

    As for the Pomme, I have a Roxybury in that color and I really only need one red piece. The violette is so pretty but the amarante seems more of a versatile color.

    Maybe I'll get both a violette PM and an amarante GM? lol getting greedy!
  12. I much prefer the Amarante! I think it will go with more.
  13. Amarante
  14. In the PM size, I'm liking the violette. Since you already have a Pomme Roxbury Dr and Amarante Sunset Blvd, I'd say get this in Violette. Variety is the spice of life!
  15. I like AMARANTE! and I'm also considering this bag or the Hampstead MM, but I think I'm leaning more toward the Bellevue GM