Home & Garden Which bedroom set?

May 25, 2006
I love the Berkeley and the Stewart! Get the taller headboard one if you have a big bedroom, or the shorter one if you have a medium to smallish bedroom.

Those two the berkeley & Stewart are my favorite!!! I just don know what kind of dresser and nightstand to do if I pick those. I was thinking about adding some mirrored furniture but not to much. The other 2 beds I like as well but they are classic ones...


Dec 27, 2005
Personal opinion I am not impressed with furniture from Macy's. My friend ordered furniture from them for a few rooms in her house and had major quality control issues with it. Her chaise lounge was sewed wrong and the stitches were in a different color then her couches. Another chaise lounge had some type of grease stain on it when it was delivered. She had to return a living room set for some reason (???). Ordered new mattresses for her bedrooms and they delivered the wrong ones (cheaper) and when she complained the wrong ones were delivered they expected her to just keep them and pay the higher price.

Hubby went there to look at some leather couches after talking to the SA on the phone at the local store. When he got there they did not have the couches he wanted that the SA lied to him about and said they did. He asked her why she lied and she said he could always find something else there. He thought the furniture was very uncomfortable. My friend who bought two leather couches from them and paid I think just under $3,000.00 for the set. Already after 3-4 years the couches are very saggy and looks sunken in. The leather is thin in many spots. This makes me think it might not have been quality leather because my sister has a stunning mint green couch she bought on sale from Ethan Allen for $900.00 and after 9+ years it still looks new. And it is very firm and comfortabe to sit in.
I personally would check around at some high end furniture stores before I every bought from Macy's. This is just my opinion, I am sure there are many people who are happy with their products.