Which Beauty to Keep???

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  1. hi all,

    could not make up my mind as to which size of the same bag to keep :confused1:

    they are sooo soft and buttery :drool: .....


    i can only have one and will have to auction off the other :crybaby:... stilll

    cant decide.

    really need all your expertise :tup:

    pic a is smaller than pic b

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  2. Vote for pic B!
  3. Oooh, they're both very pretty :tup:

    I think the ruffle looks better proportioned on the larger bag so I'm going to vote 'B'.
  4. Vote for B!
  5. I know this doesn't help but... either one looks great on you.
  6. oooh they're both gorgeous but I have to say I think I like B more...

    since it's a black bag, I think the larger size doesn't overwhelm it and it makes you notice the ruffle details better, KWIM?
  7. I am going to have to go against the grain and choose "A" (the smaller of the two). The ruffles look more dainty and well suited to the smaller bag. The larger bag, to me, would look better without the ruffles.
  8. hiya wonderful tpfers....

    i need your votes pls as i am still very much undecided

    your help will be really appreciated

    thanks all :heart:
  9. Agree w/ pursonification, that's why I like A better too!!!
  10. I think bag size in pic B looks nicer on you. However, it is quite a huge bag, so I guess it depends on whether you do carry a lot.
  11. I like "A"...it looks better proportioned to me...but they both look great on you!! These d*mn bag decisions!!!! They really are stressful lol!!!!
  12. definitely A - B looks huge on you, and to add dainty ruffles to such a huge bag just doesn't look right. they're better suited on the smaller version.
  13. Shosho811~ I have the same purse (well, it's not the leather, it's the tessuto) in the larger size and I LOVE it! I say the larger size b/c it is simply more of a statement. I really think that the ruffles look better with the larger size, and if I recall the price difference isn't that much for the larger size.

    The design of the bag is exquisite, so either one will look amazing... :sunshine:
  14. so far, i've got 4 votes each, :confused1: excluding the either way votes....

    i dont carry a lot of stuff... just depends on the size of the bag i'm using

    so i cant use that in the decision making process

    i've gotta make my mind up by the end of the week as that is my deadline

    to get the ebay auction up and running :crybaby:

    what to do..... oh.... what to do!!! :sweatdrop:
  15. i woulds choose the bigger one cos u never know if u need the extra space...:tup: