Which BE gets the most compliments?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I must be in my "thinking" mood this morning. I thought this would be another fun thread to create today.

    Tell me, which one of your BE's gains the most attention?

    I have to say to my big surprise that most of my BE's didn't receive compliments. I would wear my BE's proudly everywhere just waiting for someone to say "what a nice bag".;)
    I did receive several stares but not direct compliments. Go figure!

    Well, that all changed with my pewter. NOW, I"m finally receiving the compliments that I was craving. LOL Don't get me wrong. I don't wear my BE's for other's as I wear them just because "I love". Just on occasion I thought it would be nice to receive a nice comment or two.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!:smile:

    P.S. My tan & taupe bags have received a couple nice compliments in the past!
  2. My BE bags seem to be complimented for their colour and finish. The ones that attract most attention are:

    1. Plum Crash
    2. Petrol Glossy
    3. Mustard Pearlized.
  3. The crash leathers are drop dead gorgeous! Pewter is the best because of the durability.

    So, my tops are Pewter, Plum and Chocolate Crash, any style. Then it has to be the Glossy Purple.

    My sister was visiting recently and really liked my new Chanel. But, when she saw the pewter LM midi she was in love! She had to wear it out that night. I see one in her future:P
  4. Although I no longer use it, my Chocolate Matte TMA probably got the most compliments of all due to the color and the thick leather.

    For the bags that I still use, my Purple Glossy LM Midi gets the most attention and positive remarks even though it doesn't get used as often as my neutral bags. I'm sure it's all about the color in this case. It has even been mistaken for a Balenciaga bag. My Petrol SMM also gets compliments because of the color.

    My Tan SMM gets compliments because the tan leather (color and texture) is gorgeous. I've also had positive remarks about the shape of the bag since it is unique.

    My newest bag, the Pewter SPM, is drawing attention due to the metallic look and the tassels. Women recognize that it is a fun bag, but some of them aren't sure about the long tassels.

    I rarely get comments about my two favorite BE bags - Black Crash TME Midi and Dark Grey Matte LM Midi.
  5. My dark grey LM Midi is the one that I get most compliments on!:biggrin: And my little battered pewter AP gets admired too.
  6. My dark grey LM and my choco crash hold me have got the most admiration in the past... although I haven't worn them very recently. Myself, I admire a bold coloured handbag on others...
  7. My tan WTM midi has been getting loads of compliments (more than any other bag). However, my dark grey matte Love Me Midi really did get quite a few compliments as well. For some reason my black crash TME doesn't get that many either, but I absolutely love it.
  8. My dark grey LM Midi always gets the most compliments. I haven't carried my choco crash MMS midi, but I have a feeling that one will turn heads, too...

    I will say that I tend to get compliments from people who are really into great leather. It's not a trendy thing; it's a 'wow, that leather is amazing' kind of comment.
  9. My plum crash bags, hands down. People have commented on it and I don't think they are into handbags as much as me LOL!
  10. I have been carrying BE now almost exclusively for about a year... I haven't gotten any compliments while out and about with my BE's.. but that's okay -- I carry BE because I love the bags, not because I want strangers to ooh and aah over them :P

    My friends do compliment them though...
  11. My tan take me away set and my cluth mes. Don't remember ever getting compliments on the Wine I'm Yours Tote (although it is the perfect work bag), Plum Crash WTM Midi, or Dark Grey Stroke Me. Occassionally get comments on the fuschia lining.
  12. My plum crash LM mini by far gets the most compliments. But MY favorite is my dk grey glossy MMS.
  13. My chocolate Hug Me (medium) gets the most compliments among my BEs.
  14. The Cobalt LM , The Plum Hug me, the Taupe TMA, the Tan travelset , the Pewter and the Black matte WTM midi, the Plum, Fuchsia, Light Purple, Fiamma Red, Mustard and Cobalt Hold me..this is what I can recall...all by strangers...many wanted to feel and touch...lol..something I could never think of asking...more lol!
  15. I cannot say personally as I only have one which I got recently and am scared to death to take out until I treat the leather. But for those of you who have not received compliments it may be the timing or the place rather than the bag. My mother and I both own the same bag by another designer. She bought hers after seeing mine and we live in different states. She told me every time she wears this bag perfect strangers stop to compliment her on it, yet I carry this bag frequently and never ONCE did anyone say anything to me about how nice it was.....anyway, she came to visit me and left her bag at home and wanted to borrow mine. So we are getting icecream at Ben & Jerry's and the teenage boy working behind the counter (of all people a teenage boy would care about a handbag!) tells her how he loves HER bag!!! Perhaps she just wears it better than I do :smile: