Which Bbag is best to


Which Bbag is the best one to bring along on a trip to Europe?

  1. EB Day with GSH

  2. EB Day with regular hardware

  3. Black Day with GGH

  4. Black Day with regular hardware

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm going to be graduating in March so I'm spending my vacation in Europe. I'm joining a tour, which means that it might get pretty hectic so I need a bag that I can take with me to use everyday, and it needs to be big enough to hold all my documents, maps, etc but at the same time still be light enough to carry around for the whole day. BUT...I also need to it be able to go with all the clothes that I'm taking with me on the trip! Haha! So right now I'm so confused...I don't know which Bbag to get for the trip! My first choice is an EB day with GSH (because I REALLY want something in EB) but then I read in some posts that some people really find the GH too heavy. I actually have a minor back problem, so after reading the posts I've been having second thoughts about getting the Day with GH. Here are my other choices:
    - EB Day with regular hardware
    - Black Day with regular hardware (to match all my clothes haha)
    - Black Day with GGH

    TIA for your opinions! :smile:
  2. OOPS I forgot to finish the title! Sorry about that! It was supposed to be "WHICH BAG IS THE BEST ONE TO BRING ALONG ON A TRIP?" :shame: Mods, if you can edit it, please do! Thank you!
  3. Black Day GGH
    goes with everything,very stylish but in a very classical way..The GGH makes it an eyecatcher..
    makes me think of paris or vienna(if ur planning a visit tell me...:smile:
    EB is gorgeous but I would have a problem matching it with ALL my outfits..
    Maybe u can bring two :smile:))
    have fun :heart:
  4. I voted for Black Day RH, I think it's best choice to match everything in your wardrobe indeed! I too suffer from minor back problems, and I have a City SGH and I find it little on the heavy side :sad: but I love it all the same!!:lol: Good Luck!!
  5. I voted for the EB day with GSH. EB is such a pretty color and seems like it would be really versatile. And even with GH, the day isn't heavy since there is not much hw on the day.
  6. I voted for EB with GSH. I am currently waiting for this one to come in and I think it is going to be stunning in this combination. As for the weight, I just got my first GH bag in the day style and while I notice the slight (very slight) increase in the weight when I hold it, I do not notice it when it is on my shoulder. It is extremely comfortable to wear and I don't think you would have a problem.
  7. I voted Black Day w/RH since you indicated that you have minor back problems and since you're touring, you might be doing a lot of walking and the GH will all your stuff in the bag, will weigh you down and cause you back more pain. Lastly, it matches with everything in your wardrobe so I think that's the winner right there!:yes:
  8. Black Day RH such an easy classic and light!
  9. I love Day style, it definitely fits your trip..
    I voted for EB just because I think the color is gorgeous!
  10. I voted for black RH ;) Great trip to break it in, won't worry about it as much using it everyday, and just plain gorgeous!
  11. Black RH!! Especially if you have back pain and will be walking a lot- lighter is definitely better. The Day is SUCH a wonderful, functional bag- it'll be perfect for your trip, and like you said, black will match everything! Plus, there's just something so classic about black bbags- even as I collect other colors, I find myself loving black more and more.

    Regarding blue- not super crazy about the EB's I've seen IRL. Too bright for me. My indigo day is a more muted blue, and I have difficulty matching it.
  12. No, I chose EB daybag with sgh, it`s simply beautiful, you want to stand
    out, a lot of people dress flashy over in europe.
    Have fun.
    My other choice would be black daybag with ggh.
  13. i would also opt for EB GSH 'cos the blue pops and it also matches almost all kinds of color, like the way a pair of blue jeans work. i just think black is bit muted and not match your tour/fun mode....
    have a great trip!!
  14. I vote for EB Day with RH:yes:...it's stunning:heart:!!
    Bon voyage handbaghotspot! ::woohoo: :balloon:
  15. Black w/ GGH... Like OUla.. said above, it matches everything.. and the GGH gives it a LiL pOp.. w/o over doing it. Or, if you find yourself not a Gold person.. the EB w/ SGH.. would look stunning.

    The Giant Hardware weight on the Day bag is not as noticeable vs. the GH on a City, Work, or PT. You'd be comfortable carrying it around w/o even noticing the weight.

    Besides, traveling around Europe.. you don't want to have to worry about stains... or the handles darkening from use, I'd stick to the black & get the EB when you get back.. :graucho:. cOngrats on graduating.. have fun & take plenty of pictures :tup: