Which Bayswater - Shiny Goat or Grainy Calf advice please?

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  1. I'm looking to purchase my first Bayswater but I don't have much experience with the leather. I was thinking of getting the Midnight Blue shiny goat , Mole Grey Grainy Calf or Black Soft Grain Bayswater?

    Which leather is more durable, rain proof and scratch resistance. I don't want a bag I have to baby but I would like supple leather that feels and looks nice.

    Any advice would be great, I'm open to other types of leather also. :smile:
  2. Goat all the way. It is very durable and ages well, the midnight Blue is stunning
  3. I have got the taupe bayswater in shiny goat. It is very light in weight and is wearing well. I think goat is one of the most hard wearing leathers. If you give it a good spray it is almost waterproof.
  4. Goat
  5. I am in love with midnight so I shall go for that one.
  6. Me too! :smile:
  7. Goat! (I'm not biased, honest :P though I love my midnight goat bays to bits, and it's the surviver of more than 12 bays' in the past :cool:)
  8. :smile:
    I think you should share some more pics of yours/modelling pics to convince us. hehe
  9. another Goat fan - my Lexi is Goat * she's had every kind of weather Lancashire can offer thrown at her & still looks new xx
  10. I would go for the Goat as well :biggrin:
  11. I have no experience of goat leather. My aubergine bayswater is in grain calf and it looks good- it's slouched a bit at one side which annoys me a little, but it happens. It also regularly gets taken out in rain without any issues - but it is in a dark colour, which helps I suppose.
  12. I vote for the gooooaaaaat ! :biggrin:
  13. I have a goat bag very very nice super
    Luxurious! Tough and durable :smile:
  14. The goat seems to be very popular. I think I will get the midnight blue in shiny goat. Does anyone have any advice on how to get it at a discount? Is the best time to buy during the summer sales? Would appreciate any advice on my first mulberry purchase.
  15. I have both so I can without reservation say goat!!