which bay should i buy..the moka or canelle?

  1. any opinions are appreciated!
    I only have a few chloes, a small choco silverado still on n the way and a red paddy. I have both these beauties on hold for me for a few days...which one should i choose??sadly, i can't afford to buy both...;)
  2. my vote is for cannelle. depends what you wear, but I think this color is more versatile. I have a dark brown bag that I rarely use but I wear more blacks, grey, etc. It's a shame b/c it's a really beautiful and unusual bag and I get tons of complements on whenever I do use it. Unfortunately it spends most of the time in my closet in it's dust bag and I switch bags alot!
  3. Girl - what do you care what WE think. Buy the one that makes you swoon even if it IS impractical. Do it!!!
  5. yea i agreeee so much!

    but you ask me i would vote for moka, juz personally prefer it...
  6. I agree, whichever you love is the one to get.

    That said... I vote for the canelle, because I love the color, and also you mentioned that you already have a chocolate silverado...so go for a different color... the moka is dark brown... too close in color to the chocolate bag. I think the canelle will stand out more, has more flair and is BEAUTIFUL!
  7. Personally I think the Canelle will be a better choice. Moka is too close in colour to your silverado.

    That said, at the end of the day, is what colour u like most n will use more often.

    I said that cos I bought 3 Chloes recently and all in black :p
  8. I've had both colours and my preference is for the Moka, but you have a choco Silverado so Cannelle is a better choice for you if you want a bit of variety :yes:

    But really both are soooo goregous, you can't go wrong with either :heart:
  9. TO kmrosko404,k29,divnanata,sanity,sarmel, and balchlfen:

    Thank you ladies! I appreciate the feedback, my heart was originally singing for the cannelle --she stands out more, but i love hearing views from other bag lovers! This bay was a bag i couldn't even think of looking at because of the price but since I found one on sale from sacoche in Bahrain, I just couldn't resist!Can't wait to get her!!

  10. HMM...did i understand that correctly?you HAD both?did you sell the cannelle??why?do you happen to have photos of the cannelle?:biggrin: tia!
  11. Both are great colors, but I vote for the cannelle!!