which bay bag?

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  1. I am trying to decide whether I want a lambskin shoulder bag, hobo or satchel? The hobo seems to be most expensive. Please help me to decide...

  2. hey! Do you mean the edith hobo? That's so gorgeous :drool:
  3. What's the difference between the 3 bags? :confused1:

    I've ordered a Bay Messenger from bluefly (should be here tomorrow) and I've seen that style described as "shoulder bag" and "hobo".
  4. I think the shoulder bag is something like the colorado or the edith, or paddington. The hobo should be like the chloé edith hobo, is just a rounder style... I guess,:push:
  5. Here are the pictures for the three:



    Shoulder bag

    They all look cute to me.
  6. I prefer the shoulder bag:tender:
  7. I vote shoulder bag, it's very cute!!!!
  8. I don't like any. I prefer the rounded bowler!
  9. I like both the hobo and the shoulder bag. depends on how you want to use it!
  10. Aha, I vote the shoulder bag, that's what I'm getting from Bluefly.

    I've had the satchel style for 2 months and haven't even used it yet. Must sell it. :yes:
  11. The satchel gets my vote! All three are gorgeous though!
  12. I vote for satchel- I think the two short handles match the design of the bag much better than messenger style. The bay was described somewhere as Chloe's “take on the seventies (inspired by Glora Vanderbilt)" (I think by Chloe themselves), and to me the satchel looks like a big, old fashioned (but funky)seventies handbag- like your Granny would have been carrying when you were young, and I love that about it. IMO I think that gets lost in the messenger style.
  13. I personally prefer the satchel, but they are all beautiful bags!
  14. I posted this bag in the "authentic this" thread. If it turn out to be authentic, is this a good buy? I was also looking at another (used, and the chloe heatstamp got marked). But it got sold for 850 under best offer. I really like the color. What do you all think? How much do you think the max bid i should put if this is authentic?

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    [​IMG] Re: --- Authenticate This Chloe ---
    Is this one authentic?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...r ch_SO:SI:IT

    and how about this one (by the same seller)?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Authentic-Ch...c mdZViewItem

  15. I like Satchel the most.