Which Bay bag has the handles and shoulder strap?

  1. Saw a pic in another thread but I don't know the name of it? Thanks!
  2. you are crazy girl! LOL - I believe it's the "shoulder" but not positive.
  3. I know the one you mean - it is very slightly smaller than the regular Bay and has double handles AND a shoulder strap too. It has two pockets on the front and two on the back :yes:

    But back to your original question...........it is referred to on the Chloe website as "medium size bay with strap".

    See www.choe.com (collections/assessories/summer/index - item 24)

    Hope this helps :flowers:
  4. I think it is the same size-----that is the medium bay. It just comes with the shoulder strap. I do remember seeing it in another post. IT was on the cover of a mag.