Which Barenia should I go for?

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  1. Trying to decide between:

    Natural Barenia Kelly 35
    Natural Barenia Birkin 35


    Vert Olive Barenia Birkin 35

    I already have a gold Birkin, so I don't know if natural barenia would be too similar in colour?
    I want a barenia because I would LOVE to have the patina on the bag after years of use :smile:
    What do you suggest?
  2. Vert olive.
  3. Vert olive first choice its divine
    Otherwise I go for kelly since u already have gold b
  4. Vert Olive!
    Then natural birkin
  5. vert olive for sure
  6. I personally prefer Barenia Birkins because the skin seems more rustic/masculine and fits with the Birkin vibe more than the Kelly. I love natural barenia the best!
  7. Vert Olive. Lovely has one and it is divine!!:loveeyes:
  8. I love both Fauve and Olive but Olive is not available anymore, so you would have to buy a pre-owned one. Also Fauve is extremely difficult to order at the moment, I tried last year and it was refused, my SM is trying again this year....I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    Let us know if you manage to order one!
  9. I think OP is probably buying pre-owned.
  10. You can't go wrong with either. I personally would love a Natural Barenia Birkin but Vert Olive is lovely in either a B or a K. Good Luck!
  11. Vert olive B and fauve K :graucho:!!!
  12. Because you already have the gold Birkin, I vote for the Vert Olive Birkin and the natural Kelly.
  13. If the vert olive has gold hardware, go for it.:biggrin:
  14. I think if I go with Vert Olive, I will buy one in pre-owned condition. If I go with Natural Barenia Birkin, I found one BNIB from a reputable reseller :smile:
    Natural Barenia Kelly would be bought pre-owned. Thank you everyone for their input! I really appreciate it, and I will update which one I end up with!
  15. You can't go wrong with any of these colors and bags. Can't wait to see action pics. :smile: