which bangle/bracelet would you get?

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  1. This is a future (don't know yet when) purchase, but due to different pricing it could happen sooner or later

    I want to buy a slim/light, pink gold bangle and narrowed it down to these three

    VCA Perlee d'OR in Euro prices 4,450

    Tiffany Metro Bangle Euro 7600

    DeBeers Micropave Bangle Euro 5,100

    pics attached

    I find it mind-boggling that the DeBeers Bangle has the highest carat weight at 0.72 but is cheaper than the Tiffany Bangle by 2,500 and that it is only slightly more expensive than the VCA bracelet which is 'only' gold. the only thing that bothers me is the closure clasp.

    for the Tiffany Bangle - my fave but more expensive and I prefer the setting of the DeBeers Diamond Bangle

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  2. pics in order:

    first DeBeers
    Second VCA
    Third Tiffany
  3. De beer best nicest best price among 3
  4. Thanks dear - this is what I have been thinking about - for what it is you get a nice piece of jewellery for your money. don't know why the closure bothers me..
  5. Think of the money you save
    Nice full diamonds
    You'll get use to the closure
    All are exquisite work
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  6. De Beers
  7. Thanks dear - it certainly is the most 'bang for your buck' :smile:
  8. good points!
  9. I like the look of the first pic the most (DeBeers) and that's not even factoring in the cost! I'd definitely go for the DeBeers :smile:

  10. The closure bothers me too ! To me that's one significant difference as there are many other non branded with this closure .

    Therefore , My order of preference:

    Tiffany & Co

    Van Cleef & Arpel

    De Beers
  11. I like everything about this particular bangle except that closure - otherwise I probably wouldn't have posted this thread...

    that is what I have been debating - does it 'cheapen' the look, as it sort of makes the otherwise really slim bangle bigger than it is... but the cost of the Tiffany one is a big difference, I mean like 50%,

    I love the VCA but I am wondering if I will 'forever' like it, kwim? I can't afford a like it right now in this price range.

  12. No it doesn't cheapen the look for me , it's just the clasp jugs out and I much prefer the flush closure of Tiffany bangle to stack with other bracelets .

    The VCA is gorgeous in spite of lack of bling haha
  13. thanks for your response - I am not a stacker at all, I would wear only this bracelet, but I just generally prefer a flush closure, it seems more put together somehow.

    yes the VCA is gorgeous but I am not sure whether the perlee look wouldn't bore me after a while. I am not sure if VCA is my look in the long run
  14. DeBeers.