Which Bandeau should i get?

  1. Deciding over the LVOE bandeau and the new Sweet Flowers range (Pink or Red).... it's for my Neverfull. Which one you guys think will be the best match?:idea:
  2. I really think any of them will 'go'. I think it depends a bit on what colors you wear a lot? If you wear a lot of neutral then the LVOE one will be nice!

    In addition...the LVOE one is pretty much on its way out...and is harder to get! I would get that one and then get sweet flowers later!
  3. I like LVOE one. It's neutral and will go with everything!
  4. Sweet Flowers Red !!!!!
  5. Both will match but I'd get the LVOE, it's harder to get ahold of now!
  6. I'd get the LVOE Bandeau.
  7. I like the LVOE one.
  8. I like the sweet flowers ones.
  9. Dear guys, thank for your valuable opinions!! Guess i will go & see if LVOE is available! My first choice is the LVOE too but when i saw the Sweet Flowers in the webby, it just attracts me as well!! Haha.... i have 'bad' eyes!!! :yahoo:
  10. Sweet flowers blue!!! The blue one has the browns in it as well as would compliment when wearing blue jeans!
  11. sweet flowers one in red, you could dress up your bags w/ it or wear it as a scarf during the winter or summer time! Very cute!
  12. Lvoe !
  13. I think the Lvoe ones looked more classy while the sweet flowers ones looked more sporty and active. Personally would love to get the Sweet Flowers in Red !! :biggrin:
  14. The LVoe its more limited.
  15. sweet flowers red! (or pink:confused1:)