Which bandeau for damier ebene?

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  1. Hi all! I just bought a DE NF MM and now I've been bitten by the bandeau bug. Any suggestions on which print (either current or older) would look best tied on the bag? I'm thinking one with some red in it would be really pretty, but I haven't looked at the bandeaus in person so it's hard to tell which ones would look nice. Thanks! :smile:
  2. I like the leopard
  3. Leopard looks great or the monogram brown one
  4. +1. I have the red Stephen sprouse bandeau on mine...
  5. I like the pink one I recently got with pink background and blue circles
  6. leopard
  7. Another vote for the leopard! I love that bandeau!
  8. Leopard it is ....
  9. I'm not an animal print person so I went with the new Retro flower Bandeau.

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  10. Retro flower for sure is my pick!
  11. Oh wow thanks for the pic, my Retro Flower Bandeau will be delivered tomorrow and I was a bit worried on how it would look on my DE speedy. This picture says it all, it is gorgeous. :loveeyes:
  12. this bandeau also looks good on my azur speedy as well!
  13. The leopard is my favorite, but the bright colors also look nice. Here is a pic for reference. Why settle for just one?:biggrin:

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  14. So much love for leopard! :smile:

    Personally I tend to lean a little more toward brighter colors and a more recognizable LV print… I'm sort of falling in love with the Monogram Map bandeaus but I'm torn between violet fuchsia, marron marine, and plum orient! Does anyone here have either of those?