Which Bandeau as accessory for fuchsia vernis?


Which bandeau for fuchsia vernis?

  1. White MC

  2. Pink Sweet Flowers

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  1. Thinking of spring and pulling out my fuchsia Houston. While it's still a little while away, I wanted your opinions on which bandeau would complement the pop of fuchsia best... I couldn't get pics of the sweet flower, so hopefully you all know what it looks like. It is ivory with pale pink accents... and well, you all know what the white MC bandeau looks like!
    Thanks in advance! :girlsigh:
  2. Here's a pic of the Houston...

  3. I think because the Fuchsia is so vibrant that the white MC would actually emphasize it better than the sweet flower. Have you seen the new Mono Pop Long Scarf? That one might look nice too ... keep us posted on what you decide on, I'd love to see pics of them together!
  4. Yes, I have seen the mono pop.. it is lovely, but I'm not sure the pink would match or clash with the fuchsia?!

    I also love the Marguerite bandeau.. so adorable, all those flowers!

    I want to keep the price under $150.. so the MC seems to be the best bet.
  5. Go for the MC!!!!! Love your Houston!
  6. I think the MC will look nicer. The colors of the pink sweet flowers is very soft wheras your bag is brighter. The white with the little colors will look very pretty.
  7. Your houston is so beautiful and bright I think the Sweet Flowers is all you need is a little accent.
    I'm SO envious of your Houston, and someday one will cross paths with me at the right time .:thinking:
  8. Thanks for weighing in girls.. it's great having other opinions!
    I have owned so many different fuchsia pieces, it's embarassing! lol I finally figured out that the Houston is my favorite style.

    I am leaning toward white MC.. but that Sweet Flowers is sooo cute. I will post pics of the two together when I finally make my decision!

    Thanks again!!! :smooch:
  9. I'd go for the MC Bandeau .... :tup:

    Your Houston is *GORGOEUS*, btw.