Which band should I get?


Mar 22, 2007
Okay, so I have a very VERY thin and delicate filigree engagement ring with little melee diamonds all around it. It has a basket wich juts out and no wedding band came with it when we purchased it.

I can't afford to get something custom done, so I thought about purchasing a wedding band to wear on my other hand. The setting of my e-ring is Edwardian, I believe (lots of filigree and a flower motiff with milgraining). Both the bands I like and am considering buying are Art Deco style (at least I think!)

I am worried about the one without sapphires, as it's actually an antique and old and my ering is very new looking even though it's a vintage style, so I don't know if it will "clash" or not.

Two questions...

1. Which do you like better? :shrugs:

2. Even though my band is filigree and Edawardian, do you think either of these bands will still go with it?




Mar 22, 2007
I LOOOOVE the 2nd one but BOTH would go. And you could probably wear both together.

Mimi Kim

Mar 24, 2008
It would be easier for me to give my opinion if I could see your engagement ring, but it seems like you already have decided against the first one; your gut feeling is probably right. I do like both rings, but if I had to choose, I would pick the one with sapphires. A lot jewelery designers are going with other gems than diamonds for engagement rings, and you could have the best of both by having both! (Did that sound weird?) I personally find the combination of sapphires and diamonds to be stunning. Another plus, sapphires are a 9 on the moh's scale of hardness (only diamonds are harder), so they will be very durable, and good for everyday wear. Let us know what you decide!


Aug 20, 2006
I like both your choices very much too. But it's difficult to give an opinion on which might look better with your engagement ring without seeing the engagement ring. Can you try these rings on to see how each looks with your engagement ring?

Have you considered getting a thin band with melee diamonds on it to match the band on your engagement ring? Or maybe a band of pave diamonds? Those are very easy to find as they're popular right now, and if you stay away from name brands (Tiffany, Cartier, etc) they're not extremely expensive. I'm thinking that with a band like that, you'd be able to wear it on the same finger with your engagement ring.


Sep 2, 2006
The ring I wear on my engagement finger is an Edwardian old mine cut diamond flanked by two smaller stones in a white gold setting - no prongs. On my right hand, I wear a Tiffany bubble style band with diamonds. They don't match, per se, at all, but they still go well together. I think it's more a question of getting the style you like if they're not going to be worn together on the same finger.


Jan 11, 2008
If you think the rings don't quite match now, I'm not sure if it will grow one you once you start wearing it.... I really like the second ring and I think that would be a lovely ring to wear.


Sep 21, 2007
I like both and like the stacking idea. Is the second one Fay Cullen?

I do prefer the second over the first, if you only choose one though.