Which Banana Republic should I get?

  1. I am looking at getting a banana republic bag in a brown colour. Which of the three do you think looks best?
    banana1.jpg banana2.jpg banana3.jpg
  2. I like the first one!
  3. The first one is cute, but the 3rd one is nice if you like totes.
  4. I like the second one best, then the third one then the 1st, in that order. BR has been putting out a lot of cute bags lately!!!

    Foxmonkey - love the suzi tote, is that the medium or the large?
  5. I agree with BalenciagaLove. The 2nd one is my favorite, followed by the third and first. BR really has been making super cute bags. I couldn't help myself last fall. I purchased both the Bloomsbury tote in anthracite and the Bloomsbury handbag in Bordeaux. I absolutely love them both.
  6. I'm torn between the first and the second!
  7. I prefer the 3rd. I'd also like the 2nd one but it doesn't look like a shoulder bag - I'm a shoulder bag gal!
  8. 2nd.

    i have been eyeing these for a few months.....

  9. 2nd or 3rd one
  10. I say go for either 1 or 3 if you are looking for a roomy bag. No 2 doesn'thold that much surprisingly. Have you seen these in person cuz the third one is huuuuuge. I have the first one in chalk and emerald green.
  11. I actually have the 2nd hobo in the smaller size in white.
    It's a great bag, just warning you that on me (5'2") the larger size looked really big and out of proportion. But if you're taller, and like bigger bags, it may work for you.
  12. i like the 3rd one. but i love totes, that's why
  13. I can't help at all! I like them all!
  14. I like the 2nd! ;)
  15. I like 2 and 3