Which Banana Republic purse?

  1. I'm thinking about getting a brown purse from banana republic. Which one should I get?!



  2. I say the first one. :p
  3. I say thr first one too.
  4. Which color are you thinking about for the second one?
  5. First one. Nice bag.
  6. i'd get the second one in brown. i'm looking for a brown purse in this style that's under $200. if anyone has any other recommendations please suggest! thanks!
  7. Hey, I was looking at these purses too. I've seen both in person and they're both cute. I'm gonna get one of them but I'll probably wait until it goes on sale.
  8. I like the second one if you are going for a dressier look. The first one is a little more laid back, denim jeans everyday kinda look.
  9. I LOVE the first one. I saw one in real life in BR last week and it looks great - the washed leather is fabulous. It's also a bit different to the other bags they have done (which I also love) - and it is on my own wish list this spring! Good luck with your decision!
  10. I agree with you. Both are cute, but the first one seems more slouchy and versatile.

    I know I must sound like Debbie Downer, but would you believe that I was only able to find one single item in a huge flagship Banana Republic store that was made in the USA? I know that its not always possible to avoid the "made in China" syndrome, but lately I have been looking at the tag of literally everything I buy...it actually helps me out when I cant decide on something, and I ALWAYS feel better about what Im spending my money on. Okay, Im getting off my soap box now.
  11. I prefer choice #2 .
  12. I like #2 the best
  13. ooo get the second one in white .I love white bags .lol
  14. at $200, why banana republic?