Which bamboo handle shopper in medium size?

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  1. Dear fellow TPFers, let me preface this with the fact that I don't like black bags. I wear a lot of black and like to have a coloured bag to provide a bit contrast. In my entire bag collection, I only have 1 black Dior tote with silver HW. I am looking at the bamboo shopper in medium and I can't decide between the black or the taupe-like brown. I also worry that black can look quite harsh in the summer while the taupe is a really good all year round colour. But will the taupe brown look odd with black clothes? What are your thoughts? TIA!

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  2. Hi darling, good timing coz I am just popping in for 5 mins

    Go with the taupe, not a good colour for me but I def would if I could. Fine with black IMO.

    Even though my N-S Bamboo Shopper (practically vintage now) black sometimes feels harsh and solid for the Summer, I usually restrict mine to the city
  3. Thank you dear! Will go and see them IRL before I decide.
  4. Having seen both these bags (and both are beautiful), if you don't like black, I would purchase the taupe. It is lovely and will go with many colors. I would encourage anyone not to make the mistake I have in buying too many black bags. I need color and so much of my money is tied up in black which is a mistake for me.
  5. I am also not a huge fan of black bags but its more because I generally don't like them as much as the brown or grey options. I have to say the black in this item is stunning and if you don't have a lot of black bags, I think it will be a nice durable more carefree addition to your collection. Let us know what you decide!
  6. Thank you for sharing your experience and it's interesting to hear from a person who has a lot of black bags.
  7. Thank you for your thoughts.
  8. I'm not a fan of black bags either lol. I only have one and its my new bamboo top handle. In this shopper though, I found this taupe colour to be really nice IRL, but the dark purple one caught my attention…
  9. I agree with what everyone else says regarding black. I think every handbag collection needs a black bag, but you definitely need some choices as well. I would go with the taupe. Plus if you wanted to add some more color to it you could tie a colorful scarf on one of the handles for a nice pop.

    Definitely post a pic when you decide.
  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like the purple too but I want my first bamboo bag to have the classic brown handle rather than the black ones on the metallic colours.
  11. Thanks! Looks like the taupe is a popular choice. I will go and see both in real life soon.
  12. I think both bags look lovely; follow your heart.

    My go to bags are actually camel in color and go great with jeans and all colors!
  13. Is this the bag tht is called "maple" on the Gucci site? Because I just called them lat night, and the CSR said it is not available in the Gucci boutiques… it is only available on line. Also, that it is only a seasonal color and may not be available in a few months.

    Was she "having me on"? I love the color (I'm with you about not buying yet another black bag) but would prefer to buy from the boutique rather than on line.

    Any advice would be really appreciated… TIA!
  14. :yes: the one above is Gucci's Maple Brown.

    It's not coming up as 'exclusive' on the US or Euope-wide site. Either they left of that info or the person is deluded

    Your avatar states your in cali. My advice is to ring BH or nearest store and see if they have one in. Don't forget they can order one in for you if they are available anywhere in the US

    8500 beverly boulevard
    los angeles, california

    beverly hills flagship
    347 north rodeo drive
    beverly hills, california
  15. Thank you, paper tiger! It's interesting that you said the SA could order one for me. That's exactly what I asked the CSR at gucci.com! And she said no, it was ONLY available from the web site. Even though, as you say, it did NOT come up as "exclusive" on the site (only the blue one did).

    So that sounded very sketchy to me.

    My nearest boutique is in San Jose. I will call the nice SA that helped me last week, and get clarification. Thank you for answering my question so quickly!