Which Ball Bag do you like?? Classic or New?

  1. As some of you have talked about already, the Ball bag now has a new twist. (And it's more $$: $1980 vs. $2350) The "New Ball" bag doesn't have the 4 compartments or central zipper, is slightly smaller, and has some extra hardware detail. It closes with a hook/clasp, much like the Campana. I think I like this New Ball, which do you prefer? Has anyone purchased it yet?
  2. New Ball on left, Classic Ball on right:
  3. Marly, I had my hands on this baby and I really like it (new one)! For some reason, it wore better and IMO, it seems more updated/current. I was never a big fan of the old style, but this new one has caught my eye.
  4. I've been wanting to see a picture of the new ball, so thanks!

    Like myindulgence, I did not care for the original Ball. I'm thinking that I like the new one much better, although I still don't think I would buy one.
  5. i like the original
  6. BOTH :p but if i had to choose, the new
  7. Both! I bought the old style in Black once I heard it was changing . . . but I want the new model in red! :yahoo:
  8. New Ball on left!:yes:
  9. New one for me!
  10. just by the looks of them, I'd say the new one. (and I love campana.:love:)
  11. I saw and tried on both recently and I thought the new style was more comfortable. I like the metal rings, too. They both are great designs. The original one is more distinctive.
  12. I'm actually not a fan of the Old Ball bag, so the new Ball bag is waaay more attractive to me!
  13. ^^Yes, I agree that the original Ball is such a classic Bottega design:yes:
  14. ^^Mid- I love the Campana too! :tup:
  15. I like them both; I'm leaning towards the new.