Which balenciaga?

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Which style of balenciaga?

  1. twiggy

  2. box

  3. first

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi hope everyone is having a nice day:smile: - I was just deciding which balenciaga bag to buy - twiggy, first or box. I need help deciding. I love the shape of the twiggy and the size of the first and box. I do not need a large bag as I am a minnimalist when it comes to what I carry.

    I also need help with the colours. Which one should I choose - grenat, rouge vif, camel, marron or truffle.

    I will be purchasing from aloharag and I live in the Uk - I am so excited.:yahoo:

    Thankyou for your input,

    Hollie xxx
  2. My fav is The City.
    But among your 3 : def the First for me !!!
  3. hi!! :P
    from the 3 choices, i must say the first :yes:
  4. Twiggy for me from your list. :yes:
  5. i say truffle or camel box or rouge vif first!
  6. Im leaning towards the grenat twiggy I really like the rouge vif twiggy but in the pictures it seems too bright? Does anyone have one if so can they advise me on this? thanks Hollie xxx
  7. If you don't carry much I would go with a grenat or RV first, it's the style that has the most detail among those three.
    The twiggy is great too but I prefer the city when it comes to larger bags.

    RV is a wonderful color and it does look brighter in pics mine is really a deep rich red!
  8. I say twiggy in any color
  9. I'm the biggest fan of the first, in any color. I think it's such a classic Balenciaga style that if it's your first bag, or if you only intend to buy one, it's a great style to get.
  10. I only have the Twiggy in Truffle so I'm partial :love: ....however, I would love a grenat Box as well! I talked to Jumpei at AR when I was searching for my Truffle...that was the only color they don't carry, so I bought mine from Bob Ellis in Charleston (they have a nice Bal selection and a 33% off sale going on right now on select bags). I don't carry that much either, but the size of the Twiggy is perfect for me. It has softened up drastically since applying Lovin' My Bags ultra moisturizer, and from usage, so it's lost a lot of that "long" shape. It's slouching quite nicely now. Here's a photo the first day I received it....I'll try and get a pic of it showing how much it slouches now. Good luck in your search!

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  11. I think a Rouge Vif First would be amazing. Are there any stores near you where you could see the colors and styles in real life? That helps a lot.
  12. I have the grenat twiggy and love it. I wear lots of wine, black and brown. If you don't need a bag that big, I'd go with the grenat first!
  13. I voted Twiggy, it's roomy and actually very easy to carry.
  14. i voted for the box since it's the perfect size & is being discontinued :love:
  15. i say the first...my friend has a grenat first and it's classic with just that right bit of pop...it's so neutral for winter colors as well!! if you don't carry much then i'd say the first..and for color i don't know how you can really go wrong with any of the choices you have listed!