Which Balenciaga with this dress? Please help and show pics!

  1. Hi!

    Which bag can I wear with this dress?

    I like to wear an turquoise one cause I also want to wear an turquiose cardigan. Please help and show me pics.

  2. Do you have a bubblegum pink? Or perhaps a magenta?

    If you wear a turquoise cardigan with a turquoise Bbag, will that be too much turquoise? And your bag and sweater probably won't match exactly.

    Or in the last case, you could always use a natural/caramel, they just go with everything.
  3. Turquoise could be nice,but I agree with Hats about dismatching your cardigan!Apple green could be nice too.If you don't have this colors,you should find a lilac more easily...
    Sorry,no pics,I just have chocolate and aqua(and rouge theatre soon...)
    It's a really nice dress,it won't be difficult to find the right bag: so many colors,I love your choice!:yahoo:
  4. Hats is right. Turquiose bag and cardigan will be too much. If you are going to get a turquiose cardigan, then any other color, like magenta, pink, apple green or a neutral bag will be perfect.
  5. Hmmm...yeah that could be right. Too much turquiose :sad:

    Hard to chosse. Cause I need it for the day. I want to wear this dress with gold anne klein sandals and the turquiose cardigan.

    So when I choose a magenta (i really like this colour) what do you mean, are that to much colours? Gold shoes,turquiose cardigan and magenta bag? Don´´t know.

    For night time I will choose a gold small bag, but for the day...its a problem.

    Where can I see pics for example?

    Thank u all for your fast and so nice help.

    Big hug for all
  6. How about sandstone, to not compete with the colors.
  7. A natural colour, definitely!
  8. Naturel, sandstone, greige! Especially if you're wearing a bright cardigan. Nice dress, btw.
  9. Magenta w/gold hardware or sandstone w/gold hardware ...
  10. because the dress colours are very pale and pastel, I would go with a rich deep colour to add punch e.g. a true red, french blue.

    If you wanted to go light, an off white/natural would look great as a neutral that still stands out.
  11. I would do a white GH city or day with gold sandals preferably flats for day. That way the shoes and the purse will match and the dress can stand alone.
  12. As much as I love the Apple Green, too, I think that the turquoise and the green will compete.

    I think the best choice if you are going to do gold shoes is to choose something in a natural.

    Something with GH would bring out the shoes.
  13. I say.... eggplant or verte gazon!:love:
    That would be hot!
  14. i would say a lilac, but my first choice would be turq, if you have it or can get it. i would not go with a turq cardigan, but a pink one instead. nice dress - do you even need a sweater?? maybe a nice wrap instead, because the dress is nice and "flowy" - i think a cardi might strap in the dress too much.

    are you going to a wedding? this dress is really nice :yes: