Which Balenciaga to get as my second B-bag?


Oct 28, 2009
Copenhagen, Denmark
I need help! I am in the initial fase of considering one more Balenciaga and need good ideas.

I have a black SGH City, that I love to death, and use a lot on an everyday basis, and I am now thinking about getting another Balenciaga.

I think my next bag should be a bag in a good size for going out. So smaller than the City but not a clutch size bag, even on a night out I have a fair amount of stuff with me. I always carry a wallet, my iPhone, a cosmetics case, handlotion and stuff like that, so it needs to fit that. Also it has to be a shoulder bag or has a detachable shoulder strap. I am thinkg a First, but I would like to hear your opinion?

Also which colour to go for? My problem is, I always end up buying black bags, because they're safe, so I really want something other than black. I also have a couple of brown bags so not brown either. I could really use something with colour, but still something that matches with a lot of outfits.

So, all opinions and recommendations are highly appreciated!
Dec 25, 2008
i'd try the first out. i didn't think i would like it as much as i do. i have a city, first and a pom. love them all equally!

cyclade goes w/alot. or canard


Jun 7, 2008
Definitely get a First - it's perfect for going out and you can also wear it on days when you don't need to carry much.
Get something colourful but classic, like red :graucho: Or perhaps a litlle more subtle, purple.


Mar 6, 2010
Oooh I had the same problem! I continued buying black bags because they are always passepartout and because I love black! but then I realized that black is safe but if too much it can be boring too..So I decided that needed a poping color in my wardrobe and last year I bought the PT in mandarin ;). So take a look at the colors in the Balenciaga website and let your intuiton decide the color!....I would suggest the first (you said you wanted it to go out at night) in the outremer color


Apr 30, 2009
Midwest USA
Yep, a First would be ideal for carrying the items you describe.

Also, I have not seen any in person, but I recall some photos from the Bal main website of a S/S 2010 First in SGH (I think it was in Canard). If available, the GH version would dress it up a little bit, if you are going to wear it out for cocktails.

Susan Lee

Double Trouble
Dec 1, 2006
I think the first would be perfect for what you need-and as far as color goes, what color draws your eye most out of the bal spectrum? Since you tend to prefer black and have plenty of brown, maybe Canard since it's a dark teal, or outremer since it's a stunning royal blue, or maybe a wow red like Sang, or amazingly neutral turquoise Cyclade? There are so many choices, and the first does look great in brights :biggrin:
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Sep 28, 2007
I think you should get a First, or wait for the new Town to be released. It's a little bigger than the First but the same cute style. As far as color, I think you should do a Red Purple or Blue.