Which Balenciaga store carries accessories

  1. Hello, I am new to accessories. can anyone help? :smile:
  2. Hi Eileen, most of the accessories are mainly from Bal NY as aloha rag only carry certain accessories (such as wallets or coin purses not so much on clutches)
  3. If not u can try out diabro.net as well, they have some accessories out there......also depends wat are u lookin for
  4. Thanks celia... you are an angel:smile:
  5. Celia, I just called cultstatus in australia, they have clutches too.
  6. Yes, Cult status have accessories but only limited...but i think that price is pretty high as compared to aloha rag (free shippin if more than USD500) or Bal NY (which the shippin costs is USD75 to singapore)