Which Balenciaga should I buy?

I want to get a new 06 Balenciaga and I can't decide which of the three to get: white twiggy, black motorcycle, blue motorcycle. I am slightly leaning toward the white twiggy - but is the twiggy less popular than the standard motorcycle? Also, my friend said that I should get a black or blue one because the white one was so last summer. What's your opinion on this? But on the other hand I noticed that the white ones seem to sell out faster, so maybe I should get the white twiggy.
I personally am in LOVE with the cornflower blue. I saw one in person at Neiman Marcus (SF) and it was all over. I did not get to see it in the city style but I think you should get the blue. Black is a very standard color and can be acquired at any time, I think. White is beautiful and is very "in" this summer but can get dirty easily. (Or so I have heard.) The blue is a gorgeous color that can go with many things during all the seasons!

PS. I think a member by the name of "Kat" bought a white twiggy and posted up pictures of herself with them. I have to say, those pictures really sold the twiggy! It looked beautiful. If you are wonderful, you should do a search. I have seen pictures of all three colors on the forum in all sorts of sizes.
White twiggy!!! Don't care about whether it's more popular or not. White twiggy stands out from the rest. I've seen so many women carrying black motorcycle that I'm just getting bored.

U definitely want to stand out from the rest.
i say, if you really want a white twiggy - go for the white twiggy... white is not so last season... balenciaga put out white every season... plus, i think its a great colour for summer!!! :smile:

good luck on what you decide!
I agree that you will always be able to get black, so I would wait on that. And white is gorgeous, but it is hard to keep clean - if you're anything like me :shame:

So, how about the twiggy in the cornflower blue?
Go white!! Mine will be here any minute!! My City that is. The SA at Balenciaga, told me if I wanted white to get it now, he said it is super popular this year, and it goes quickly. I did have a hard time finding it when I was searching for mine. Let us know what you choose!